Conversations between Passion Art and Centre for Theology & Justice

Artist vs Theologian




When two worlds collide, new thoughts emerge.

PassionArt are working towards hosting a new city wide project with word artist Micah Purnell in partnership with the Centre for Theology and Justice, Manchester Cathedral, St Anns Church and Methodist Central Hall.

The group will curate a city wide arts project and festival that tells the story of 600 years of faith and belonging in Manchester to coincide with the cathedrals 600th anniversary of being established as a Collegiate Church in 2021.

We are using the theme of BELONGING as a way to consider how faith communities have settled in the city of Manchester and contributed to the growth and culture of the communities that belong here. We plan to host a series of exhibitions, lectures and art installations with our partner spaces during 2019-2021, working with and commissioning artists to work with various groups to help tell their stories.

The project has grown from an initial commission from the Centre for Theology and Justice who commissioned graphic word artist Micah Purnell and visual artist and curator Lesley Sutton to begin creative conversations around the arts, theology and social justice. To learn more about the original project and to contribute to our conversation we would like to invite a number of people from a variety of backgrounds and contexts to tell us what belonging means to them. To learn more about our project “…because I long to belong“ and contribute then CLICK HERE

Would you consider contributing your thoughts to our research? 




Manchester, England